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Completely approachable with a touch of elegance and sophistication - Indiana based King Bee Meadery knows how to choose the label design embodying its assertive and high-class brand image.

Using sustainably sourced ingredients from Indiana farmers, King Bee brews mead with respect for the environment and admiration for bees and their keepers. In their search for a label printer, they set the same high standards.

We felt most comfortable with MCC Labels Direct’s ecommerce site than others. It's always risky ordering things online - especially in volume - and it was clear that MCC Label Direct placed an emphasis on wine bottle labels specifically. They asked the right questions and offered the right options

Geoffrey Warner, co-founder of King Bee Meadery

Mead is an alcoholic drink based on fermented honey and is versatile in the sense that it can be enriched with hops, fruit, herbs, spices etc. A versatility that is a great match for the many material options and finishes offered by MCC Label Direct.

Since this was our first order with MCC Label Direct, we chose many of the most standard options to get a feel in general. We’ll try out different of MCC Label Direct’s label options before we settle on material and finish.

From the ordering process to the customer support, everything has exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to working closely with MCC Label Direct over the coming years.

Label design by Creighton Stevenson.

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