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How to Choose the Right Paper for Your Wine Labels

Choosing the right paper or facestock is crucial to having a premium wine label, but the process of selecting can be daunting. It is important because the material you choose is the canvas of your brand, but each material has a purpose and can be best suited for a specific print method or application.

The terms paper, stock, and substrate can be used interchangeably and are generally referred to as the same thing. If you do not have a designer to help you through this decision-making process, have no fear – we will help guide you through a series of questions to ask yourself and your team.

Where to start - get to know your stocks!

The type of stock can drastically change the appearance of your label and since there are many stock options, choosing the right one will allow for your bottle to shine and maximum your brand’s potential. Digging deeper, you will find that we offer Bright White Felt, Eggshell Felt, Estate 8, Killer White, Semi-Gloss, Clear Bopp Film, and Metallic Bopp Film. But what does all of this mean and how are they different?

Bright White Felt: A bright white, uncoated paper with slight texture while upholding true ink color.

Eggshell Felt: A cream, uncoated paper with a felt finish creating a toothy or highly textured stock.

Estate 8: An uncoated, smooth textured paper with added strength due to the thickness and quality of the stock. Great used for embossed or highly embellished designs.

Killer WhiteTM: A white, uncoated paper with a smooth finish. MCC patented material with an additional layer, allowing the label to maintain its integrity when placed into an ice bucket.

Semi-Gloss: This material has a slight texture and sheen to it without looking fully glossy. Labels are printed directly on the semi-gloss paper and create a cost-effective, versatile look.

Film: This material has a transparent quality and creates a unique paper-less label. Our film comes in Clear Bopp or Metallic Bopp.

Knowing your brand is key

Is your wine label artwork highly detailed and modern?

Consider a film stock. Wine labels with film facestock will stand out in a variety of ways. Film is available in transparent (Clear Bopp) or metallic (Metallic Bopp). Wine bottles with a clear film label, often appear sleek and stand out on the shelf due to their “no-label” look. A metalized film facestock creates striking pearlescent colors and illusions, contributing to your label’s endless possibilities.

Is your label artwork minimalistic and traditional?

Consider a Felt, Estate 8, Semi-Gloss, or Killer WhiteTM. These stocks are universally loved due to their strength and visible quality when adhered to the bottle. They can withstand a lot of pressure with embellishments, embossing, die cutting, and even during transport.

Will your bottle be exposed to cold or wet environments?

Killer WhiteTM is the best stock suited for the ice bucket. This is a MCC patented material with a wet strength additional layer, allowing for the label to maintain its quality and appearance for long periods of time in cold or wet conditions.

Are you looking for a highly embellished, embossed, or non-traditional paper for your wine label? We offer premium online custom wine label services as well as in person offerings were we will be happy to meet with you to discuss all of your options to best compliment your brand and let your bottle shine.

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