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What shapes can my label be?

We offer standard options for square, rectangle, round or oval labels but can also do any custom size and shape that is needed.

I have a custom order (shape, size, material, etc.) – can you help me?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of custom options to ensure your label is exactly how you want it. Due to the potential complexity, we want to ensure we get it right. Please contact us to speak with...

Can I get product or material samples?

Yes! Please request visit the ‘request a sample kit’ page to request yours and we’ll mail it out to you very soon.

What surfaces can my labels be applied to?

All of our materials can be applied to glass, and most can also be applied to plastic or aluminum. If you have special concerns or a unique container, please reach out to us to ensure compatibility.

What is the turnaround time for labels

Labels will ship in 5-10 business days after order submission.

Can my labels go in the refrigerator?

Only certain materials are equipped to stand up to refrigeration. Please select this filter during the order process to see which stocks are the best choice.

Are there options available to enhance my label, such as foil or emboss?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of embellishment options. Due to the potential complexity, we want to ensure any embellishment options are correct. Please contact us to speak with a label expert...

Do you print anything other than labels?

Please contact us for needs other than labels. We have lots of options…