Where to Get Your Wine Label Ideas
If you are looking for inspiration on where to get your wine label ideas, here are tips from Ginny Westcott, a graphic designer specializing in wine label design:

A name search is necessary before starting the design process 

A name search is an invaluable first step to preventing potential trademark problems before you invest time and money in the business. A basic google search will uncover brand names that match yours and can avoid future conflicts. Check out the USPTO database of registered trademarks and pending applications.

Get Inspired by the Story Behind Your Wine

If you do not know where to start designing your wine label, begin by looking outside your window at your vines, property, and unique story. Ask yourself why you are in business and what triggered your interest in wine. "Most winemakers are driven by their devotion to their grapes, family, animals, and history," said Ginny. "The art of making wine is often handed down for generations." The most thoughtful wine labels evoke the story of the estate, whether its characteristic colors, images, or plants.

Creative Words and Image Associations

Doesn't a label with a giraffe fit perfectly with a bottle of orange wine? It was Google images that sparked this clever and unconventional association. "As a graphic designer and wordplay enthusiast, I use multiple tools to associate images and expand on concepts, brainstorm and move beyond synonyms and find other kinds of relational connections." Besides google images, Ginny uses stock photos websites to find inspiration, including Adobe Stock, istockphotos, creativemarket, and Shutterstock . "The tools I use to fire my creativity change all the time: before the internet era, I used traditional magazines. Now Pinterest is my go-to!"

Diverge and then converge

Whether you use one or multiple tools, give yourself a couple of days for the brainstorming phase. Start by creating a mood board or a folder to collect all your ideas, even if they look silly or unrelated to each other. Whether you design the label or hire a professional for the job, take your time to gather "tangible" ideas, and they will help you convey your message about how you want your label to feel.

Start With the Font (But please Not the Ones Available on Your Computer).

"You can always begin designing your label or logo by choosing the font. But please, please, not the standard ones available by default." Ginny repeated this multiple times during our chat. One clever way to start with font design is by digitizing your handwriting. Alternatively, browse creativemarket, an online platform where you can explore trending fonts.

As Long As Your Label Passes the TTB Guidelines, You Can Do Whatever You Want With It

Wines, which include cider and mead, must be appropriately labeled before they can be sold in the U.S. marketplace. Become familiar with the TTB's requirements before starting the "converging phase." That is your only limitation; other than that, your label is a white canvas. "The wine enterprise is vastly different from other industries; there are no "brand guidelines," no board needs to approve a design, and you can create a signature look and feel for every production." After you become familiar with the TTB's requirements, head to your local wine store to look at how the designer incorporated all the mandatory information without compromising on the shelves' appeal (or failed to do so). What design elements make a label stand out?

Research the Best Material for Your Label

Get inspiration by browsing different material choices . Choosing the right face stock leads to a clearly expressed brand vision and allows for eye-catching embellishment opportunities. The right material choice guarantees the label will stay intact during wet or cold conditions. 60 to 80 percent of unplanned wine purchases are made at the store; your design choices are crucial to creating a product that stands out. Embellishment options are almost limitless; however, they will significantly raise the printing costs. MCC Label Direct can make the wine labeling printing process fast and easy. To conclude, there is a delicate balance between art and science in crafting a perfect wine label design. If you are ready to design wine labels online but do not know where to start, MCC (Multi Color Corporation) digital label experts can assist you through every step.

Ginny Westcott has been a graphic designer since 1982, she started when copy and paste was far more complicated than pressing a button on your keyboard. Ginny moved to Los Angeles after college, where she spent the next 16 years as a designer and art director at top agencies doing cutting-edge ad work. In early 2000, Ginny moved to northern California and opened Westcott Design . Inspired by the dozen vineyards she could gaze from her window, she specialized in wine label design.